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The Need for Eagles

Posted by Herman Najoli on January 24, 2007

In order to have epic organizations that contribute vastly to the flow of life, we must have people who live an epic life and are contibuting vastly to the flow of life. Okay, what does that mean? I refer to such kind of people as eagles. Most organizations end up with turkeys instead of eagles. They take whoever shows up. Epic organizations go out and look for eagles because eagles don’t flock. Here are six marks of an eagle:

1. Eagles of catalysts of experiences – Eagles make things happen based on their skills and abilities. They walk the road less traveled, defying models in order to blaze new trails.

2. Eagles Possess great vision and execution – Eagles don’t perch on a tree and wait for manna to fall from heaven. They go out and look for opportunities. They are not risk averse.

3. Eagles are change agents – Eagles influence others in positive ways. They are 360° influencers. Their influence is not restricted by attributes like age or profession.

4. Eagles are multipliers of value – Great organizations have people who bring added value to them but epic organizations have people who bring multiplied value to them. The average organization has people who subtract value while the mediocre organization has people who divide value.

5. Eagles empower eagles to lead – Birds of a feather flock together because only they have the uncanny ability to bring out the best in each other. Eagles don’t hang out with hawks.

6. Eagles are sources of creativity – Eagles hunt for ideas that result in quantum growth for the organization. Because of this, an organization with eagles will always be an epic organization.


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