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Beyond Core Values to Working Credos

Posted by Herman Najoli on March 24, 2007

Core Values are awesome. They have enabled many companies to achieve tremendous things. But I think having a solid credo is also essential. When we started the Better Life Company, we developed both Core Values and a Company Credo. Here they are:

Our core values come from the word PERFECT and are:

People: We value the dreams, hopes and ambitions of people. We will do our best to cultivate greatness in every single person we come into contact with.

Empowerment: We value the success of the individual. We will do our best to ensure that personal potential is multiplied.

Responsibility: We value our obligation to live up to our vision and mission. We will do our best to constantly and consistently pursue our goals.

Fun: We value happiness in life and at work. We will create ways and systems that ensure we are having fun in everything we do.

Excellence: We recognize our role as leaders in society. We will demonstrate a high degree of excellence in everything that we do.

Commitment: We value the trust of our consumers. We will do our very best to ensure that we not only meet but also exceed expectations.

Teamwork: We value the need to work to be interdependent. We will work together as a team across, functions, departments, businesses and cultures.

The Better Life Company Credo simply states:

At the Better Life Company we believe that the day will come when people will be judged not by their physical strength nor the size of their bank accounts, but by the quality of their lives; by their response to opportunities to live a better life; by their ability to use their physical, mental and spiritual resources to make a better world; by their concern for the disadvantaged and the disempowered and by their utilization of their gifts, talents and resources in a prudent manner so as to live productively and meet the needs of other people. Better Life Company is a contribution towards that day. 


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