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Growth and Personality: How to be a born natural!

Posted by Herman Najoli on May 21, 2007

Herman Jnr has been developing so fast. In many ways I think he’s got the greatest personality ever possessed by any human being (allow me to indulge myself). But, really, he is thriving and luxuriating in our presence and revealing such an awesome personality. He is just such a joy. Very expressive. Vibrant. Laughs a lot. A fast learner and such a wonderful human being to have around. The stunner and I feel deeply honored to be his parents. He’s been making rapid progress in the development of his own personality – giving us all sorts of smiles, squeezing my shoulder affectionately when I carry him, leaning forward to give the stunner and I kisses and bonding with us in many different ways. It’s just amazing watching him develop his own self, solidify his trust in us and become more independent.

Watching my son like this has enabled me to gain a lot of insight into human personality. Junior is just being himself. There is no outside force that is coercing or driving him to be someone that he is not. He is a born natural. So is every other human being on the face of this earth. We are all wired to be born naturals. The influences of society and our environment lead us to be what we are not. We need to learn to let our true personality shine through in every situation that life engages us in. This is tough because we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others, sometimes we feel like we can’t measure up and at other times we just plain play small. In my previous post, my goal was to help us realize that we need to be original versions of ourselves. Don’t be a fake, or worse still, a cheap copy of someone else. Let your personality shine through. It’s a journey that we are all traveling on. In my next post I will outline some growth strategies that allow our personality to thrive and shine. 

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Be An Original Version of Yourself – Not a Cheap Copy of Someone Else

Posted by Herman Najoli on May 16, 2007

I had quite a laugh yesterday while hanging out with my son in the living room as he watched a TV show. During the commercial break an ad was run for a new TV series that will feature impersonators competing to see who looks exactly like a celebrity of their choice. While it may elicit laughter, isn’t it interesting that human beings have a tendency to want to be like someone else instead of focusing on just being themselves? Judy Garland advised, “Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else”. Life would be so much easier for many people if they stayed content with who they are. That is the key to really developing ourselves and becoming the best ‘us’. Know thyself is great wisdom.

A few weeks ago I took my son to a local park and we were playing with plastic golf clubs as I introduced him to the game of golf. An elderly couple passed by and said, “Is he going to be the next Tiger Woods?” I laughed with them for a minute then answered, “No. He’s going to be the next him because we already have a Tiger Woods”.  We can only live epic lives when we are original versions of ourselves and not cheap impersonations of other people. There are lots of people who waste their personal talent and potential by committing their lives to being cheap copies of famous people.

What’s your legacy going to be? Will you be an original version of yourself? I encourage you to discover your personal strengths and unleash them, rather than copy other people.

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Action – the key to Creating

Posted by Herman Najoli on May 7, 2007

The Secret is on many people’s minds these days – particularly those who blog or subscribe to online personal development material. It seems as if, almost every day, someone is writing about the Secret somewhere. What I love about it is that it is giving people an opportunity to act and produce. Action is the first step towards creating new experiences for yourself.

The key to success is simply one thing: action. Successful people act – and when they fail, they don’t quit. They act on something else that will bring them the results they desire: a new methodology, a new strategy, a new idea. Thomas Edison was a great inventor because he acted on his imagination. Florence Nightingale etched her mark on history because she acted to remedy a social situation. When darkness surrounded her, she lit a lamp and kept on working, earning the name of The Lady With The Lamp. Lance Armstrong is great because he acted on his dreams. Oprah Winfrey is loved because she is acting on her dreams. Massive action is the key to greatness. Greatness does not mean being famous. It simply means realizing your personal potential.   

You create success by being successful in small actions. Think of a sport like boxing. It’s easy to see in boxing that the key to the knock-out is the consitent jabs. Short consistent jabs could easily open up an opportunity for landing the upper-cut. If you want to be successful you must tuck many small wins under your belt by acting consistently on your dreams. You do that by staying active. If you fail you don’t quit, you stay flexible and continue engaging in massive consistent action. Constant action will provide you with opportunities that you never saw coming. Go on. Breed success.  

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