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Posted by Herman Najoli on June 29, 2007

I am seated here with this book that I feel has just become mine. After completing the assessment and creating the display on the front cover of the book, there was a sense of personalization that the book seemed to bring to me. At first I felt as if I was being anointed with new strengths because I have never really looked at myself as having the strengths that the assessment came up with. It’s really the first time I came across Gallup’s work, so I never took 1.0. Well, here are my top five:


I like it. It feels natural. I had looked over all the themes before I took the assessment and I initially thought that I would have different results. After completing the assessment and reading about my top five, I was like, “Hmm… This seems like me… I think they got it right”. I believe I still have the other strengths that I initially thought would be my top five but I’m not disappointed that they were not the top five. Great learning tool! Next step: NOW, focus on my STRENGTHS. 

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Principles that liberate the FLOW of life

Posted by Herman Najoli on June 25, 2007

Human beings are designed to flourish in life. We are engineered for greatness. If we will just tap into key principles that enable us to flow with life, we will achieve significance every day. Here are the key principles that enahnce the flow of life:


No one ever changed their circumstances in life without some measure of imagination. Imagination births vision and empowers one’s motivations. Good imagination is a sign of an awakened mind. An awakened mind is the factory of ideas and insights. Ideas and insights are the raw materials for a better life. 


Commitment, whether to a purpose, a person, faith or any other pursuit in life, is essential for success in that particular pursuit. Commitment is the magnet that draws one closer to the realization of his or her ambitions and aspirations. Show me a person who is committed to what he or she is pursuing and I will show you a person who will achieve tremendous success.


Joy is that quality that births within us a sense of amazement about life. Joy enables us to enjoy what we do and find meaning in the daily routine of life. Having a joyous attitude is crucial to life. It neutralizes the pain of life and enables us to tap into the abundance of life. Joy enables us to experience the fulness of every day life.

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Leadership 101: Where we at?

Posted by Herman Najoli on June 22, 2007

Many leaders do a great job of defining where the team, group or organization is headed but few ever take the time to address where they currently are.  Many organizations have vision statements that attempt to define and crystalize what the future will look like for them. However, many of these organizations fail to develop a clear idea of where they currently are. The present situation is the key to a future desired vision of where and what the organization will accomplish. Great leaders take the time to define the present as well as they define the future.

Someone once said that leadership is taking a group of people from where they are to where they should be. Based on this definition, it is clear to see that an understanding of where your people currently are is critical to the journey of taking them where they should be. Defining where they currently are means looking at their present successes and failures, clarifying the obstacles in their path, reviewing their resources, assessing their capabilities in light of past accomplishments and outlining what is being done that is bringing in desired results. Every journey has a starting point and an end. By starting with where you currently are, you are able to set in motion a process of advancement to where you want to be. 

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