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Principles that liberate the FLOW of life

Posted by Herman Najoli on June 25, 2007

Human beings are designed to flourish in life. We are engineered for greatness. If we will just tap into key principles that enable us to flow with life, we will achieve significance every day. Here are the key principles that enahnce the flow of life:


No one ever changed their circumstances in life without some measure of imagination. Imagination births vision and empowers one’s motivations. Good imagination is a sign of an awakened mind. An awakened mind is the factory of ideas and insights. Ideas and insights are the raw materials for a better life. 


Commitment, whether to a purpose, a person, faith or any other pursuit in life, is essential for success in that particular pursuit. Commitment is the magnet that draws one closer to the realization of his or her ambitions and aspirations. Show me a person who is committed to what he or she is pursuing and I will show you a person who will achieve tremendous success.


Joy is that quality that births within us a sense of amazement about life. Joy enables us to enjoy what we do and find meaning in the daily routine of life. Having a joyous attitude is crucial to life. It neutralizes the pain of life and enables us to tap into the abundance of life. Joy enables us to experience the fulness of every day life.


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