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Posted by Herman Najoli on June 29, 2007

I am seated here with this book that I feel has just become mine. After completing the assessment and creating the display on the front cover of the book, there was a sense of personalization that the book seemed to bring to me. At first I felt as if I was being anointed with new strengths because I have never really looked at myself as having the strengths that the assessment came up with. It’s really the first time I came across Gallup’s work, so I never took 1.0. Well, here are my top five:


I like it. It feels natural. I had looked over all the themes before I took the assessment and I initially thought that I would have different results. After completing the assessment and reading about my top five, I was like, “Hmm… This seems like me… I think they got it right”. I believe I still have the other strengths that I initially thought would be my top five but I’m not disappointed that they were not the top five. Great learning tool! Next step: NOW, focus on my STRENGTHS. 

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