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The Key to an Epic Life

Posted by Herman Najoli on August 29, 2007

With all the hoopla over the past few months about The Secret DVD, there has been massive interest in the principles of success. This blog is about going beyond success to living an epic life. Success is great. An epic life on the other hand is awesome because it enables you to utilize your skills to make an impact and a difference in society. The focus of success is on self – how you can achieve it for yourself. The focus of an epic life is on others – how you can use your talents to engage, interact, participate and create in society.

The key to an epic life is engaging in personal growth with a view towards adding and multiplying value to society. Most people are comfortable with developing themselves and growing for their personal ends. Few go beyond self-growth to people-growth. The truth is that true empowerment in life comes when you shift the focus from your own person to making a difference for wider society. That’s the hallmark of great leadership. Followers are great at personal development. Leaders are awesome at multiplying value in society. Why? Because great leaders understand that their legacy is in the epic things they do in society.

Let me provide a brief example that I hope will illustrate this better. In 2001 I was a leadership intern at the Honor Academy in Garden Valley, Texas. I arrived in Texas with a passion for personal development. I was an avid student of leadership. This resulted in my being asked to spearhead a new organization at the campus, Terra Nova, whose goal was to identify new initiatives, enhance community and cultivate a focus on the future of the Honor Academy. My responsibility as President of Terra Nova included developing my leadership council. My position gave me a title and authority but no relationship with my team. I had to build a relationship. This came through developing them as better leaders. As I focused on developing them, I became personally empowered in my leadership of the team. The quality of my personal growth was elevated since my goal wasn’t to become the best me but to enable others to become the best them. That’s living the epic life.  


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  1. This is wonderful! Thank you!

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