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Connecting Through Teaming Up With Others

Posted by Herman Najoli on October 29, 2007

It’s been said a lot of times that teamwork makes the dream work. One thing that we fail to put an emphasis on in any team-building events or talk is the power of collective intelligence and the impact of the connections that arise out of the teaming-up process. When a person works alone, she is limited to her personal ideas. But when she brings other people around her, she is rewarded with the collective intelligence that comes from the group. In addition to this, relationships are built that become extremely valuable in time. The power of working with others is that you learn from their knowledge and share ideas with them. That kind of symbiotic relationship makes all the difference in terms of impact. Learning to connect with others may be the greatest reward one could give herself. 

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Cultivating a Healthy Attitude Toward Risk

Posted by Herman Najoli on October 25, 2007

Great achievements have always required some form of risk-taking. Most people don’t achieve those great things because they are risk-averse. In order to experience the fulness of all that life has for us we must possess a healthy attitude toward risk. People fear risk-taking because of a fear of failure (or loss). But risk is sweet. Carefully calculated risk can mean all the difference when you are trying to achieve/accomplish something. Embrace the sweetness of risk today and you may just surprise yourself!

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Butterflies in the Stomach: Aerodynamics of Public Speaking

Posted by Herman Najoli on October 16, 2007

Have you ever experienced the anxiety that comes with the task of speaking in public? Even the most seasoned communicators have experienced this. This phenomenon has been referred to as “having butterflies in the stomach”. I have come to love these “butterflies in the stomach”. I never know when they will start flying but I’m always thrilled about them. They are scary yet they symbolize opportunity – the opportunity to go beyond my personal limitations and do something worth remembering. This becomes particularly important when speaking in public. I want to be so used up after each speech so that they will literally carry me off the stage. I think a speaker is a performer. Like an athlete, he or she needs to be spent at the end of the performance. But that’s a completely different topic. Let me give you five strategies for training your butterflies to fly in formation. I call these the aerodynamics of public speaking because it’s about training those butterflies to fly in formation.

1. Select exciting topics

This is very basic and fundamental to speaking. Your topic has to appeal to the audience’s interests and senses. A good speaker can make any topic exciting but a boring topic cannot make a good speaker exciting. Careful choice of speaking topic is therefore essential to moving your audience.

2. Build your knowledge

Once you have chosen your topic, you need to study widely and deeply. A knowledgeable speaker who has done his or her research well is usually more interesting than one who hasn’t. Building your knowledge also includes learning about your audience. What are their interests? Where are they in life? What are they trying to accomplish?

3. Develop some visual aids

Visual aids help in enabling you to come across as a professional and utilizing all the senses of your audience. You can use items like charts, graphs. powerpoint presentations, overhead projectors, models and many other different objects. The use of visual aids also encourages you to gesture and gesturing enables you to maintain composure.

4. Master your message

You master your message by practicing it. Practice makes permanent. The more you practice, the more permanent the skill of speaking will become to you. As you master your message you become comfortable with speaking. Your expectations arise and your butterflies begin to fly at your command.

5. Love your audience

Expect your audience to like you. Go in with a belief that they will be attentive and will respond positively to you. Smile. Be confident. Visualize yourself being successful. Be at ease with talking to your audience. Audiences are not your enemies, they are friends. Enjoy getting to know your audience as you speak to them.

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