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Cultivating a Healthy Attitude Toward Risk

Posted by Herman Najoli on October 25, 2007

Great achievements have always required some form of risk-taking. Most people don’t achieve those great things because they are risk-averse. In order to experience the fulness of all that life has for us we must possess a healthy attitude toward risk. People fear risk-taking because of a fear of failure (or loss). But risk is sweet. Carefully calculated risk can mean all the difference when you are trying to achieve/accomplish something. Embrace the sweetness of risk today and you may just surprise yourself!


One Response to “Cultivating a Healthy Attitude Toward Risk”

  1. Sweetness very much depends on the outcome of the risk you take…
    Just a stupid could risk for risk’s sake.
    An intelligent person is able to understand when he has to, and when he has to stop.
    I do not like “braves” I like “courageous people”.
    And sometimes risking is the way to jeopardize all.
    I would say that good and constant work brings you much further than risking for the sake of a fast success.

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