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Homework is Cool! – How to be Successful in Life

Posted by Herman Najoli on November 3, 2007

Every day life offers us myriads of opportunities to make a difference and have an impact on other people’s lives. These opportunities come largely through the interactions we have with those people. Our success in these situations depends largely on how we are prepared to engage and interact during those moments. The key to this is doing our homework.

When I was a kid my parent’s favorite words were, “Herman, have you done your homework?”. Even when I had completed my work from school, I knew that the day wouldn’t end without me hearing those words from them. I may not have liked the words that much then but I’m extremely grateful because those words served to shape a lot of good in me.

I think our success in life hinges pretty much on those words. So, have you done your homework? Before you go to meet that prospect, have you done your homework? Before you go for the interview, have you done your homework? Before you buy that new appliance or gadget, have you done your homework? Homework is cool. A healthy dose of daily homework results in a life of purpose and direction. Do your homework.

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