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How to Close 2007 Strong and Embrace Newsness in 2008

Posted by Herman Najoli on December 5, 2007

This being the last month of the year, its going to be a great month. I can see it. I can feel it. I sense new purpose breaking forth that will spill over into the New Year. I hope that you are also experiencing the same. Life is so designed that we have periods of newness that allow us to expand ourselves in many different ways. Every day is a new day. Every month is a new month. The new period allows us to begin afresh and put aside the happenings of the previous period. As we inch closer to 2008, we have an opportunity to extend our destinies to another level as we build a legacy for future generations.

There are three crucial keys that will allow us to experience the newness that new seasons offer us. I’d like to share these in anticipation of the fact that many people will soon be making New Year’s resolutions again. Enjoying newness comes in three steps. We need to be able to conceptualize, then visualize and finally materialize the newness.


This begins with vision. One might even say the need to have a dream to pursue. It takes a lot of optimism to conceptualize a future that is yet to made manifest. The key is to really believe that you can make it happen and you have all the resources to pursue that which you desire. Conceptualizing means birthing ideas of what’s possible. This is crucial.


Beyond conceiving the dream, you need to be able to see yourself walking in it’s fulness. To visualize is simply to form mental pictures or images of something. It simply means imagining yourself being, doing and having that which you are dreaming of. It’s using the power of perception to transform what you have conceptualized into a vision of possibility.


Dreams and visions reach their full term when they are materialized. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your ideas go from concept to reality. As you pursue newness this month, your goal is to do just that – transform ideas into powerful results. Embrace newness and bring fresh results into your life. This is going to be an awesome month! Next year is going to be an awesome year!

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