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Connectedness – Engage, Participate, Interact, Create

Posted by Herman Najoli on January 20, 2008

Connectedness really is the key to being in the flow of a better life. Connectedness brings order and synergy to the people, things or events that are associated together in that relationship. Think about it. To be in the flow means to be connected.

In my quest for an epic life, I have determined to be connected in certain crucial areas of personal growth. I hope that you will buy into these key connections as you endeavor to live an epic life. These are: 

Connectedness to true spiritual roots

Spirit is essential in the pursuit of a better life. Our souls should prosper as we endeavor to live an epic life. I have found that it is impossible to navigate the winds of social change without a solid connectedness to true spiritual roots. My epic life is inspired by my spiritual development. This is the key to vibrant and effective living – being in the flow of life.

Connectedness to those close to you

Human connection needs to go beyond online chat rooms and blogs to real community. Community starts with an individual and extends to the family, then to society. Connectedness to society will be discussed later under the idea of connectedness to people who matter.

Connectedness to your unique individual vision

To live an epic life, you must have a commitment to your personal vision for life. If you have never concretized a solid personal vision for life, this is the time to do it. Significance in life will be a direct function of your personal vision for a better life.

Connectedness to our joint destiny

Living an epic life means understanding our place in the human family and its destiny. More than ever before, people should start contributing at a higher level to the well-being of others, regardless of their individual differences. This can be manifested in many facets like volunteering for greater causes, community activities, travel and many others. 

Connectedness to flow idealists

Great social and professional relationships are essential for the realization of an epic life. We need to associate with good thinkers, thought leaders and idealists with a passion for better life.

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