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Contributing to a Social Cause

Posted by Herman Najoli on June 4, 2008

Many people wonder how they can get started in contributing to social causes. Epic times demands that we capture the flow of life by participating in meaningful socially rewarding activities. However, many do not know how to get started in doing this. They do recognize that there are needs all around them but they have no clear strategy on how they can contribute towards being part of the solution. In my book, Battling for Your Prophetic Desiny, I have written at length about  specific strategies that can be utilized in plotting one’s destiny. I want to use similar ideas and thoughts in developing an acronym that I hope shall provide some sort of meaningful guidance to those seeking a strategy for contributing to social causes. In some of my other works I have used this acronym to represent the pursuit of one’s destiny. :

Determine your true passions

You have to find out exactly what ticks you off (Elsewhere I have talked of finding out what makes you tick). The thing that ticks you off might be an indicator that you need to do something about it. Do you get mad when you see kids roaming around during the day when they should be in class? If so, then possibly you should volunteer to speak to kids in the neighborhood.

Embrace your assignment

Your true passions will reveal to you your assignment. Your assignment is that which you are meant to accomplish with your life that few others will be able to do as well as you could. Every human being has the capability of expertise. What are your talents? What do you enjoy doing most? That could be your assignment.

Start right NOW!

Life is lived in the now. Most people’s undoing is that they live either in the past or in the future and experience very little of the now. That garbage dump that you’ve always thought someone should clean up, go ahead and start cleaning it up right now. Those kids that you’ve always thought are noisy at the museum need a guide. Go ahead and volunteer. That intersection that you’ve always thought needs a crossing guard – that’s your opportunity!

Transform your thinking

Your thinking sets the pace for your doing. You can’t participate effectively in transforming your community if you keep thinking that someone else should do it. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the rut of bad or poor thinking. Elevate your thinking. Start seeing yourself as part of the solution rather than a casual passer-by. You have the power to change your thinking.

Identify your strengths

Maximum contribution to any cause comes when we operate in our strength areas rather than just whatever is given to us. I am a native of Kenya and I’ve found that people get inspired by my story. So I volunteer to speak anywhere I can in the hope that someone might improve their lives and experience a better life. You need to identify your strengths.

Notify key personnel

You need a circle of support around you that will motivate, support and keep you accountable. There is power in teaming up with others who share your passions. Find a group and interact. That is the key to creating initiatives that will make a difference. (I like what Tom Brokaw said, “It’s easy to make money but a lot harder to make a difference).

Yoke with thought leaders

A keener look to the right of this blog will show you that I have links to some thought leaders that I value and regard highly – I call them flow idealists. I also have a link to organizations that are making a difference – I call them epic experiments. Connecting with such kind of organizations is the key to magnifying value to society.

That’s a strategy that I trust know will work for you.

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