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Focusing on the Critical Areas of Life

Posted by Herman Najoli on October 21, 2008

One of the most beautiful tools that we can use to change our lives is the idea that whatever we focus and dwell upon expands. Our attention, therefore, is very important. What we pay attention to becomes a dominant factor or force in our lives. There are two aspects to this:

a). Quality of Attention – There are varying degrees of attention. Our highest degree of attention should be given to things, people and activities that multiply value in our lives. What good will it profit us to pay attention to worthless things and rob the more important things in our lives of the time they deserve?

b). Quantity of Attention – How much attention we give the things, people and activities in our lives also matters. We want to live a well-balanced, all-round lifestyle. The key to this is to prioritize all these areas of our lives and allot time to them. As we do this, we also find that certain activities pair well with others and can be combined. This enables us to save on precious time.

Action Steps: Look at critical areas of your life. Are you paying adequate attention to all of this? Learn how to give good quality and quantity of time to things that matter and you will realize a lot more in life.

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