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How do you “c”?: Creativity versus Reactivity

Posted by Herman Najoli on April 11, 2009

In order to be in the flow of engaging, participating, interacting and creating, we need to be able to see things differently. Many people see society and their abilities in the light of limitations instead of abundance. The bulk of society is seated down, observing everything and critizing what is happening. Difference makers are usually standing up and doing something by creating newness in society.  

In our every day dealings, do we spend too much time on the horizontal that we fail to see our potential in the vertical? Is life all about what’s happening around us? Think about this. In a meeting, when you are horizontal you are sitting down but when you are vertical you are standing up. By getting vertical we can gain a bird’s eye view so that we have a bigger picture of what’s possible.

In the vertical we have an opportunity to be creative while in the horizontal we are always reactive. Creativity comes when we can ’C’ things differently. Notice that the difference between creative and reactive is in where you place the ‘c’. In being creative you ‘c’ first and then develop a game plan. In being reactive you ‘c’ in the midst of the situation. How do you ’c’ (see)? Are you seated and criticizing or are you standing up and doing something about it? Are you creative or reactive? C first!


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