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Discover the Key to Fulfillment in Life

Posted by Herman Najoli on October 16, 2009

As a student at the University of Nairobi in Kenya, I invested lots of time in solitude as I pondered about the future and what I wanted it to look like for me. The more I did this, the more it became clearer to me that I wanted to live a better life than what I had experienced up till that time in my life. At that time I had no desire to leave the third world and head for the industrialized West. I loved, and still love my country, but somehow as I began dreaming of a better life and developing my vision for life, it became imperative that I had to leave the country for a while.

Living and experiencing a better life does not necessarily mean that you have to leave your current environment. In some cases a change of location might be in order but it is more a matter of disposition than position. The idea of Better Life Company was conceived after I had altered my disposition, even though I was still in Kenya. I had to change my outlook on life and that elevated my thinking (see my post on Thinking for Engagement) as I began to see myself as a more productive and visionary member of society. My whole purpose in life now is to empower others with knowledge, skills, wisdom and resources that will enlighten, encourage, equip, embolden and enable them to embody the better life. That statement encapsulates the whole key to an EPIC life for me. My vision deep down is a world in which all people are fully empowered with all they need to live a better life. By getting into the FLOW of engaging in society, participating in community, interacting with difference makers and creating initiatives that change lives, I am experiencing fulfillment in my personal life. Have you discovered teh key to true fulfillment in your own life?

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