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Interacting by Sharing Your Vision

Posted by Herman Najoli on November 8, 2009

As a young teen in the late ’80s I used to enjoy watching heaveyweight boxing fights. Those were the days of men like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman and Lennox Lewis. What enabled me to understand each fighter’s vision for a match-up was the press conferences right before a fight. I liked it even more when it was between the heavyweight champion and a contender. The boxers would vividly describe what they would do in the ring and then it was up to them to go out and show that they could back-up their words with action in the ring.

I think living an epic life demands that we be able to share our vision with the wider society and then back it up. I have shared a lot about my vision on this blog and on many of my other sites. Sharing vision gives us the ability to pursue it on a higher level. We don’t share vision to impress people but to set standards for ourselves and benchmarks that will provide us with a goal. Share your vision today.

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