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Creating Strategically

Posted by Herman Najoli on January 12, 2010

We can learn a lot from architecture. Some of the most beautiful creations of mankind have been done through architecture. Architecture is simply the structure of anything. In construction circles, it is the act or process of building.

In the flow of life, the architecture of vision is the act of giving structure to that which has been intangible – your vision of the future – and you need a strategy to do that. Going back to our opening quote, we are the architects of our own fortune. Fortune is a child of vision. When it is said that where there is no vision people perish, what that really means is that where people lack hope in the future, there are no fortunes for them to reach for. Vision should birth strategy and strategy, my friends, is the key to your fortune.

Let us briefly look at the work of an architect. An architect takes a user’s vision and brings it to life. He plans and designs that which had been conceived in the mind. Many architects are great visionaries and strategists.

One of my favorite visionary architects is R. Buckminster Fuller, the creator of the Geodesic Dome. His concepts were revolutionary. The dymaxion car (contracted from DYnamic MAXimum tensION), for instance. Fuller had a superb ability to dream big and develop audacious goals. 

Living an epic life is directly proportional to how well we act on vision – strategy. Developing goals and objectives that bring the vision into clearer focus is essential.

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