Engaging, Participating, Interacting, Creating – Fulfillment, Leadership, Organization, Wisdom


Being in the flow of making the world a better place demands a willingness to engage in projects that are changing lives, participate in initiatives that are contributing to a better world, interact with people that are making a difference and create forums and opportunities through which people can aspire to higher ideals. 

This page houses some of the activities of my epic life (epictivity). EPIC FLOW, as a means for appreciating life, contributing value and collaborating with other world changers, is substantially rewarding. Here are some rewards that should spur action:

Fulfillment – True satisfaction is found in the service of a cause greater than oneself.

Leadership – Becoming a catalyst who can influence others for higher, worthy purposes.

Organizations – The benefits of volunteering, giving and helping others are priceless.

Wisdom – Knowledge and enlightenment come from years of EPIC living.


Volunteering: This week has been awesome. I spoke to youth at a local middle school about character. I also lent my voice to a DVD project for a local non-profit that is reaching out to a global audience. I visited with an organization for troubled teens and I’m anticipating to engage, participate, interact and create with them. 

Bookmark this page because specific action steps will be coming soon.

One Response to “EPICTIVITY”

  1. Hi Herman,
    Wow…I love your acronym for FLOW…and I love your energy! I’m excited to find your blog here. Thanks so much for responding to my posts over at 100 bloggers. I look forward to staying connected.

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