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Here’s the HOT SCOOP:

Herman is a brown-eyed, right-brained, right-handed, well educated, visionary, purpose driven, happily occupied, risk taking, fun-loving, goal seeking, problem solving, early rising, late-sleeping, highly motivated, inspiring, energetic, disciplined, persistent, optimistic, fearless, and proactive… father, husband, human being, volunteer, writer, speaker, blogger, business seeking, “African” voice-over talent, progressive-minded, and giving person. He’s an extroverted introvert, a logical intuitive, and an insatiably curious seeker of truth. He is a shower singer, garage artist, backyard coach, bedroom Olympian, living room star and household celebrity. Herman’s life is an epic of magnificent experiences characterized by the flow of continued abundance and beauty. Simply put, Herman is one of life’s rare runaway experiments who challenges people incessantly until they decide to live a better life… or flee in seven directions screaming, “Revolutionary, revolutionary!”

Herman’s passionate expedition towards self-actualization began in August 1996 after a period of reflection about the events of July 1996. In July 1996, Herman had thrown a grand celebration of his twentieth birthday and invited “friends” to come to his parents’ house where they had an all-night party. The next morning Herman awoke at 11 am with a splitting headache and a messy house to clean up. Later that afternoon, Herman was mentally arrested for grand derailment of his life purpose. For almost one full month he was locked up in the prison of shackles of disempowerment. The full weight of responsibility for his personal destiny and life came crashing down upon him. He realized his own decisions had put him in shackles of disempowerment and that no one was going to get him out of the rut of mediocrity.

During this entire time, Herman wrestled with the pangs of evolving into a new person. After being knocked down a couple of times, Herman made a quality decision and reconnected with his true spiritual roots, developing a relationship with his Maker and pursuing a more spiritual lifestyle.
After making the quality decision, Herman was hounded by his “friends” about the path that he had chosen for himself. It was in that moment that he realized that many of them were “pests” disguised as “friends” and “wolves” disguised as “comrades”. They were “subtractors of value” instead of “multipliers of value”. The more he attempted to develop himself, the more the pests clinged to him and the louder the wolves howled. Their behavior made Herman understand that he had two choices: grow up and move on to a better life or give up and give in to the pests and wolves. He chose to grow.

Since that time Herman has become one of the most intensely growth-oriented individuals you’ll ever know. After overcoming his defeating habits of toxic indulgences and weird associations, he proceeded to the University of Nairobi where he graduated with a degree in Education. Realizing that the journey had just began, he left Kenya and came to the United States where he joined a leadership internship in Texas, which opened up an opportunity for him to pursue a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. He not only graduated from there in 2004 but also met his wife, affectionately known as “The Stunner”. They got married on Saturday, February 14, 2004 (symbolic, huh!). 
Herman has hiked up Pike’s Peak in Colorado, visited some of London’s famous sites and streets (Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, the Planetarium, et cetera), visited the Baganda Kingdom in Uganda, Mount Tanganyika in Tanzania, parts of Mount Kenya (he’s been all over Kenya), Lake Victoria (the largest freshwater lake on earth), over thirty states in the US of A and a vast section of Jamaica. He is fluent in Luhya, Swahili and English (speaks some minute French). He can play soccer better than David Beckham, shoot the basketball better than Michael Jordan, ride faster than Lance Armstrong, golf better than Tiger Woods, play Tennis better than Serena Williams, run faster than Marion Jones, ski faster than Bode Miller, speed-skate faster than Shani Davis and swim faster than Michael Phelps – provided you blindfold all of them!

Herman’s purpose in life is: to empower others with knowledge, skills, wisdom and resources that will enlighten, encourage, equip, embolden and enable them to embody the better life. Herman currently lives in Cincinnati with The Stunner and their son, H.J.N Junior. He can be contacted by phone through skype or by instant message through meebo (links to the right of this page). Herman will also personally respond to all comments made on this site.


One Response to “HOT SCOOP”

  1. Herman, you indeed are EPIC! I am just briefly visiting here – after seeing your comment on my tgimworklife blog (thank you so much for that) and am incredibly inspired by your passion and wisdom. And I’ve only been here on your blog for a few minutes!!! I will be back….there’s too much good stuff here for me not to visit again.

    Keep up the GREAT work in being who you are and inspiring others. And please do visit me again….it’s nice to connect with folks interested in the conversation of being and living our best.

    To a Tgim worklife!

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