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Here’s where you can buy books, music and a few of my favorite things. My reading mainly consists of non-fiction books on subjects like leadership, management, motivation, self-help, organizations, biographies and non-fictional books on cassette. My favorite music is blues, christian & gospel and R&B. My favorite things include inspirational and educational movies, magazines on business & investing, religion & spirituality, sports & leisure, home & garden and health, mind & body. I also have my personal books on the right-sidebar of this site which I know you’ll enjoy.

Amazon pays me a small percentage of everything you spend here. Whatever I make goes directly to Maisha Bora Clinic, an organization in Western Kenya that works to alleviate poor health conditions and give hope to people living with AIDS. Maisha Bora, Swahili for Better Life, is a clinic in Kenya, Africa that serves the people of Wamage through health education, aids awareness, and basic medical attention.  Your purchases, through this website, are greatly appreciated to help gain the necessary funds to sustain this effort to mend lives.

These great resources and products
will empower you and enable you to
experience epic living and be in the flow of life.

What’s your dream? What kind of legacy do you want to leave in this world? How will you know when you attain it?

These and many others are questions we all ask ourselves. If you want to actualize the dreams within you, live a remarkable life and win the battle for your destiny, then these books will get you there.

Each of these books is filled with knowledge, insight and wisdom that is designed to enable you live an epic life.

The books, books on cassette, magazines, DVDs, music and VHS tapes are random pickings that I have delighted in and highly recommend.

The products on this page are categorized to make it easier for you to find what you want. In case what you want is not here, please use the link below to look for it on Amazon. Thank you for shopping through this page. Keep visiting because we will continue adding more products.

Search Amazon for Your Favorite Things

We live in a day and age when technology is offering us access to resources that can exponentially change our lives. The world is not a jungle any more. Through this mini-amazon, you have access to resources that will quantitatively enlarge your life. Go for it!
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For now I can only include links to my favorite pages on amazon. Use the links below to find your favorite things. Thanks!



Business & Investing

Health, Mind & Body


Religion & Spirituality


Educational DVDs


Business & Finance

Family & Parenting

Lifestyle & Cultures

Sports & Leisure



Christian & Gospel




Educational VHS

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