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Truly Maximizing Your Life

Posted by Herman Najoli on November 22, 2008

We live in a world in which giving an average performance has become the norm. Most employees work just enough to keep from being fired and they are paid just enough to keep from quitting. Service in many industries is at best average. Very few companies and organizations stand out as excellent service providers. If we are going to attain our full potential, we must commit to being excellent at everything we do. Many times we talk a better game than we can play. We make big commitments to give our best but when the rubber meets the road, we come short and fail to provide what we had said we would.

Col. Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken said, ”I made a resolve then that I was going to amount to something if I could. And no hours nor amount of labor nor amount of money would deter me from giving the best that there was in me”. A good study of his life will show us that the road to success is paved with a commitment to giving your very best on a daily basis. Now, the road to mediocrity is littered with sub-standard service and average performances. We need to break out of that cycle of average and truly give our best in everything we do. That is the key to truly maximizing our lives.

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The Workings of a Living Magnet

Posted by Herman Najoli on September 14, 2008

I learnt the workings of magnets in primary school but never gave it much thought since my thinking at that time was that science was basically a pain I had to go through in order to pass my exams. Well, as I’ve grown older (and hopefully, wiser) I’ve come to see that a lot in life revolves around the principles of the working of a magnet. A magnet is simply a device that produces an axial vector field that traces out solenoidal lines of force in and around closed electric circuits and bar magnets. (Ok. I just lost half of my readers there. You now understand why I had such an attitude about science as I grew up).

Simply put, we are living magnets. Our thoughts create force fields of energy that radiate out from us and attract back into our lives the people and circumstances in harmony with those thoughts (Better, huh?). Any thought you have, combined with an emotion, positive or negative, radiates out from you and attracts back into your life the people, circumstances, ideas and opportunities consistent with it. You are a living magnet!

The key then to success is to develop an idea of your dream, goal or vision and then hold onto it on a continuing basis. By harnessing that mental image of your desire and making it a dominant part of your thoughts, you set in motion an unseen force that attracts the resources that will bring you your desires. Pretty simple, huh. How do we apply this, then? It starts with guarding our thoughts than planting those good, goal oriented thoughts in our brain. By feeding our brain with solid thoughts of who and what we want to become, it forms an attitude fo mind that is unshakeable and that begins to attract those things to us.

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Playing to Your Strengths

Posted by Herman Najoli on August 12, 2008

Many times we tend to focus so much on our weaknesses. I see this in my own life but also in other people’s lives. In relationships, we tend to call out the other person’s weaknesses easily and fail to recognize their strengths. When companies make mistakes, we point them out faster than we can point out their strengths. It seems to me that it takes a lot of single-mindedness to choose to focus on strengths rather than weaknesses.

In order for us to excel at the things we do, we must choose to focus on strengths. It might be hard at first but the more this habit is practiced, the more it becomes a part of our nature. True lasting reward comes when we focus on strengthening our strengths rather than improving our weaknesses. What you focus on expands. If you focus on your weaknesses, they will expand. If you focus on your strengths, they will expand. We need to practice and consistently seek to focus on people’s and organization’s strengths. That is the key to lasting satisfaction in life.

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